The Officer/Dog Team is in training for sixteen weeks. At the end of this period, the Officer/Dog team will be confident and able to perform all of the above tasks immediately upon deployment. It should be noted that the Patrol Vehicles used have no screens and the officer has no need for a leash. The team is trained to perform without leash for all tasks except tracking, which free the officers hands for flash light, gun or other weapons. The Police Service Dog is trained to stay in the vehicle until called eliminating window drops or door pops that have been known to mal-function.

We train our Multi-task Police Service Dogs in the following areas:

1. Obedience (off lead)
2. Agility
3. Protection
4. Building Search
5. Field Search
6. Tracking
7. Evidence Search
8. Narcotics/Explosive Detection

Steve Brewer, Dog Trainer
All of our dogs are trained by one individual who is Steve Brewer, a retired Sacramento Police Canine Officer, Explosive Disposal Technician , Department Trainer and currently training Police Service Dogs for several California Police Departments. We encourage prospective clients to visit us during our training sessions in order to personally witness our training and see the level of performance that we demand of our officer/canine teams.

We also train single element dogs for narcotic or explosive detection. The training period for these officer/canine teams is twelve weeks.